Amex Charge Cards with ‘Pay Over Time’ Feature Could Count Towards 4 Card Limit

Amex Charge Cards with ‘Pay Over Time’ Feature Could Count Towards 4 Card Limit

American Express has a limit of 4 credit cards per customer. This doesn’t include charge cards which have a separate limit of 10. You can read more about the difference between credit cards and charge cards here.

Recently American Express started auto enrolling charge card in the ‘Pay Over Time’ feature. As the name suggests, this feature lets you pay your balance over time instead of paying in full by the due date as it’s required for charge cards. This basically turns a charge card into a credit card.

But apparently this could also create issues when it comes to the 4 card limit that American Express has in place. A recent report from reddit shows that Amex declined an application for a 4th American Express credit card because on of a new Amex Business Green card the person had, which was enrolled in ‘Pay Over Time’, was showing up as a credit card in the system. He was instructed to un-enroll the charge card from ‘Pay Over Time’ and then call again in 24 hours to get the application through.

This is a good reminder to keep track of your number of cards and call in if you suspect that this might be the issue for being turned down for a new American Express credit card. It’s also a good idea to un-enroll cards from ‘Pay Over Time’ as it is possible to get some easy bonuses for enrolling back.

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