136 thoughts on “Huge $900 Bonus for Chase Checking/Savings, Check Your Accounts

  1. Anyone have the 900 code opened account today without knowing these specials its still good for 2 more days anyone??

  2. I had the $900 offer in my Chase CC account the last time I checked. I was going to use it today since expiration date is end of this week. Now, this $900 offer is completely gone when I log in. It seems that Chase pulled this offer about a week before expiration date. Does anyone still have a code for the $900 bonus that they could please send along?


  3. To anyone who has a code they could share: jackbackms@gmail.com

    I would be eternally grateful. My wife and I are trying to save up money for a car to take the kids to school, and I only need about 1,000 dollars more :). Fingers crossed!

  4. Please let me know if you have this $900 offer and are able to send out codes to readers. I can send you a small thank you gift.

  5. Hi. This might be a long stretch, but, would someone be kind enough to send me the offer link/code, please? I thank you in advance! LyLy (lylykwok@gmail.com)

  6. May I have a very generous person email the $900 offer to : minhnhuquy@yahoo.com, please? I had Chase account now and wasn’t lucky enough to be targeted. But I hope I can open a new account for my MOM, so she can get her bonus as my Christmas Gift (^_^)

    Would be greatly appreciated your kindness!

    Yumi :):):)

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