3 thoughts on “[Expired] Wells Fargo $300 Business Checking Bonus With No Direct Deposit Requirement

  1. very interesting. I’d been thinking about making some changes with We’ll go far (w/ yr $). Wish I’d caught the previous deal, and yet this is tempting. Curious about one line in your write-up:

    “Then you have to deposit a cumulative total of $1,000 within 10 days and leave it in the account for two months.”

    No prob. with deposit amount, or the transaction requirements to keep the account “free,” but where does it say you have to park the initial 1k for 60 days and/or keep the 1k as a minimum balance? I’m only seeing deposit the 1k at the beginning — and then have a 1k balance at 60 days… What did I miss? thanx.

    • You’re right. I think you just have to deposit in the beginning and then have it in there again at 60 days, but not in between. Good catch, I’ll update.

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