Vizio Settlement, Customers Could Get up to $31 or More

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Vizio has reached a settlement of $17 million in a class action lawsuit alleging the company secretly recorded and sold information about viewers’ watching habits. According to a number of Vizio data-tracking TV class action lawsuits, the company failed to obtain viewers’ consent when it started collecting information about their television watching behaviors. The company then sold this information, again without consent, to third party advertisers.

Vizio Settlement

Class Members can expect to receive between $13 and $31 under the terms of the Vizio data-tracking TV class action settlement agreement depending on the number of valid claims submitted. Vizio has also agreed to turn over all of the proceeds it received from selling consumer data to third parties.

The federal court has scheduled a hearing for the proposed settlement agreement in December of this year.

Who’s Eligible?

The $17 million settlement concerns VIZIO’s data practices prior to February 6, 2017 and impacts approximately 16 million VIZIO Smart TV users in the U.S. who purchased a VIZIO Smart TV and connected the TV to the Internet between February 1, 2014 and February 6, 2017.

How Much Do I Get?

The award for each Class Member of this Vizio Settlement is estimated to be up to $31; however, the exact amount will depend on the number of valid claims submitted.

Settlement Details

  • Can’t file claims yet
  • Rebate: Between $13 and $31 (maybe more depending on number of claims)
  • Proof of Purchase: No
  • Settlement Pool: $10,000,000
  • Filing Deadline: Unknown
  • Read Settlement Details Here

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