Via Ride Sharing App, $8 Rides Between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn on Nights & Weekends (NYC)

Rides between select Brooklyn neighborhoods and Lower Manhattan are now just $8 on nights and weekends. No promo code required, just fire up the app and you’re ready to roll. $8 pricing applies to shared rides booked Monday-Friday 7PM-11:59AM, or anytime on Saturday and Sunday, and that start and end in the zone detailed below. Also, shared rides between Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn are now just $5 anytime.

via rides

Offer Terms

  • Excludes Private rides, Shared Taxi, and ViaExpress.
  • Additional passengers are charged extra.
  • Prices may be changed at any time without notice.

Sign Up Bonus

First of all check their coverage area here to see if it makes sense for you. They are only available in New York City, Chicago and Washington DC. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up by downloading the Via App. You can use my referral code”danny7r4” to get $10 of ride credit (i’ll get the same). You can then refer friends yourself. When your friend signs up with your code, they’ll start off with $10 of Ride Credit, and you’ll get $10 too, once they take their first ride.

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