Cheap Weekend Fares in Brooklyn with Via

Via is offering some cheap fares in Brooklyn over the weekends. With the L train repair work impacting the lives of millions of New Yorkers, Via will make it easier to get around.

Cheap Weekend Fares in Brooklyn

They are lowering fares on weekend and late night shared rides throughout western Brooklyn. Get from Williamsburg to Brooklyn Heights from just $4.45, Greenpoint to Bushwick from just $4.95, you get our drift. Just check your app before you book for your lower-than-ever upfront fare.

Plus, there’s a special L Train ViaPass! For just $19 per week, you’ll get 4 free shared rides per day on weekends when the L train isn’t running anywhere in this zone. You’ll also save 10% on all other trips. Just enter promo code LTRAINVIAPASS to unlock this special offer. That’s supper cheap.

Sign Up Bonus

First of all check their coverage area here to see if it makes sense for you. They are only available in New York City, Chicago and Washington DC. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up by downloading the Via App. You can use my referral code”danny7r4” to get $10 of ride credit (i’ll get the same). You can then refer friends yourself. When your friend signs up with your code, they’ll start off with $10 of Ride Credit, and you’ll get $10 too, once they take their first ride.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This offer is limited to Brooklyn only in NYC. They often have similar promotions with prices that will easily beat similar ride sharing apps.

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