What Triggers the Capital One Venture X Vacation Rental Credit

Venture X vacation rental credit

What Triggers the Capital One Venture X Vacation Rental Credit

Capital One released the new Venture X card late last year, and it has been a big hit so far. Capital One Venture X comes with 100,000 Early Spend Bonus once you spend $10,000 in 6 months (ends tomorrow, so check out benefits and decide if it’s worth applying). It also has an anniversary bonus of 10,000 miles, a $300 Annual Travel Credit and another $200 Vacation Rental Credit. The card also has impressive benefits for additional users, which you can add with no fee. Some people have also received big upgrade offers.

That $200 Vacation Rental Credit is a limited time offer that is part of the signup bonus. At first it seemed of very limited use, but thanks to data points from the last few months we know that it will work for more than just Airbnb, VRBO and similar rentals.

Vacation Rental Credit Terms

Eligible Venture X accountholders will receive a statement credit for up to $200 for qualifying vacation rental purchases. Purchases must be charged to your account and appear in your account statement within your first year as a cardholder to qualify.

The $200 statement credit will be provided as a single credit if the purchase is greater than or equal to $200, or in multiple statement credits until the total vacation rental purchases are greater than or equal to $200. If the credited vacation rental purchase is canceled, the statement credit may be removed from your account, though it can be reissued on any past or future vacation rental purchases up to $200.

The credit should appear in your account within 1-7 business days, but it may take up to 2 billing cycles after purchase. Your Venture X card account must be open and in good standing at the time of statement credit fulfillment.

Capital One uses merchant category codes to determine if a purchase is a qualifying vacation rental. This means that sometimes a purchase may not earn this statement credit. For example, some vacation rental agencies may use a “hotel” code rather than a “rental” code. Capital One is not responsible for merchant category codes used by merchants. Eligible vacation rental merchants include Airbnb, Turnkey, Vacasa, and VRBO.

What Triggers It

This $200 Vacation Rental Credit for Venture X cardholders seems to apply to many purchases that are not exactly vacation rentals. Here are some unexpected transactions that will trigger it:

  • Paying for a hotel stay directly (1)
  • Resort Fees, when using the card to pay at the hotel (1)
  • Charging meals to your hotel room (1)
  • Rent Payments through several services
    • My Resident Portal (1)
    • RealPage
    • RentCafe
    • Yardi
  • Rent Payments when using PayPal Key
  • HOA Fees
    • ClickPay
    • PayLease
    • CIT Pay

Let me know if you come across any other unusual transactions that qualify for the Venture X vacation rental credit.


7 thoughts on “What Triggers the Capital One Venture X Vacation Rental Credit

  1. I paid my HOA on 12/9 and still haven’t received my credit yet? anyone still receive their credit if they pay their HOA?

  2. Mine just got triggered by paying my apartment’s regular monthly rent through the “My Resident Portal” app. SUPER unexpected and I thought it was an error. was about to call haha…I rather leave it! 🙂

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