6 thoughts on “US Bank, Get Up to $400 Bonus for Checking Accounts (Almost Nationwide)

  1. Hi Danny. Seems like it’s actually limited to states where there are physical branches for USBANK .
    I just Tried to apply it because you said it was nationwide . But the link directs you to input your zip code and then denies you enrollment access with the following message
    “There are no us bank products and services in your area,”
    And the application page asks for residential address and is subject to chexsystems .
    Doesn’t seem fair to deny applicants especially since they are promoting online enrollment and online access! Very shortsighted of US BANK and very customer unfriendly to do this to us .

    If you have any new information on how to acces this offer from a non-physical USBANK branch state please let me know !

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    Sent from my iPad

    • Good point. I should have clarified that. I think it’s 46 or 47 states where they have branches.

      Will update it soon.

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