United MileagePlus Shopping Mall Rewards Rally Mystery Bonus

United MileagePlus Shopping mall is running a “Rewards Rally Mystery Bonus” promotion,  from 3/16/18 through 3/23/18 at 11:59:59 pm ET. During this promotion members can earn a one-time bonus in addition to the standard MileagePlus miles earned from shopping online through the MileagePlus Shopping mall or from purchases made through MileagePlus Shopping in-store offers.

United MileagePlus Shopping Mall

I think different people might get different offers, so log and and check for yourself to see what bonus you get. I got the following:

  • Earn 500 miles for qualifying purchases of at least $150 or more.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

These airline portal bonuses usually make it worthwhile shopping through their sites. If you have the same offer as me, you will get 3.3X extra miles on top of the rate the United MileagePlus Shopping mall offers for the merchants. If you see any other offers, please let me know.

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