United Debacle, DOT is Reviewing Consumer Complaints

Apparently there’s been enough filed complaints already for the DOT to take notice. They issued an official statement yesterday regarding the United Airlines Mistaken Fare in their website.

“The Department of Transportation is aware of an issue involving mistaken fares on United Airlines’ Danish-facing website.  The Department’s Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings has begun looking into this matter, including speaking to United and reviewing consumer complaints.  That Office will gather all the relevant facts before making a determination as to whether United is or is not required to honor the mistaken fares.”

United has announced earlier that they will not honor the tickets that were bought already and many blogs have been calling for people to complain to the DOT. I wrote a post as well yesterday, regarding the complaints and their validity. Check it out. We’ll have to wait a bit longer though to see how this plays out.

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