Chase Referral Page Now Lets You Track Your Progress

Tracking Chase Referrals

Chase Referral Page Now Lets You Track Your Progress

Chase is currently offering some great welcome offers for several credit cards. Chase Ink business cards all have bonuses between 75K and 100K Ultimate Rewards points. Southwest cards also have big bonuses between 80K and 100K points. Chase Freedom Flex has also been a popular no-fee card. All those offers are available through referrals and are just as good as the public offers. But applying through referrals means that the person referring you can also get a bonus.

Referral bonuses have an annual limit, usually 5 referrals. Chase has now made it easier to keep track of referral bonuses, which will help you maximize your referrals if you have more than one Chase card.

How to Generate Chase Referrals

If you have a Chase credit card, you can go to the Chase referral page to get your referral links. Just enter your last name, zip code and last 4 digits of your Chase credit card number. This page works for all Chase cards, even co-brands. You can usually invite people to apply to any card in the family if cards that you have. For example,, if you Chase Ink Cash or even the old Chase Ink Plus, you can refer someone to apply for Chase Ink Preferred.

Limit and referral bonuses vary by card. You can usually get up to 5 referrals per calendar year. You can get 10,000 Southwest points for example, $100 for Freedom cards, or 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points for Ink cards. The annual limits would be 50,000 Southwest points, $500 for Chase Freedom Flex, or 100K points for Chase Ink cards.

Just make sure the person you refer uses the link to apply so you can earn bonus points. It will expire after 6 months.

Tracking Chase Referrals

Now there’s also a tracker that shows up at the Chase referral page. After you enter the card information to generate your referral, if you scroll down you should see the following tracker as well.

Tracking Chase Referrals

It will tell you how many points you have earned this year through referrals, the maximum points that you can earn within a year, and how much you can earn before the reset on January 1st.

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is a positive change from Chase. Knowing how many referrals you have earned during the year, and how many you have left, makes it easier to maximize referral bonuses if you have more than one Chase card. You could still check this even before this tracker was introduced, but it was more time consuming as you had to look through your rewards accounts. had to go into your Ultimate Rewards account or through your statement and figure out the totals. The new tracker is much quicker and also gives you a helpful reminder every time you generate a new referral link.

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