7 thoughts on “Teachers FCU, Get $450 Bonus with New Checking Account (Nationwide)

  1. Received an email today that my account is closed

    “Thank you for your interest in joining Teachers Federal Credit Union. This letter is to inform you that you that pursuant to our Suspension or Limitation of Services Policy, and after careful consideration and review, Teachers Federal Credit Union will be unable to maintain membership for you at this time.

    Please consider this as formal notification that effective (6/16/2022) the below referenced account(s) have been closed. After this date, no further debits or credits will be posted to the account. Any checks presented after this date will be returned as ‘account closed’.”

  2. This is a long shot, but do they have a virtual card option? I’m currently traveling abroad and wouldn’t be able to do the debit card purchases otherwise ugh

    • They are closing many new accounts and refunding the CC deposit. So probably not worth the hassle anymore.

  3. Say Danny, was about to pull the trigger on this and apply using your referral link….. but then just came across a buried comment via DoC…. about them apparently freezing/killing applications that used referrals that didn’t come from ….. “friends, colleagues and family members. Well, afa I’m concerned, you’re an esteemed “colleague” in the gift card trading realms, an admired friend even….. But will their faceless computer know that ?

    • lol i’ve seen that there are a lot of issues. wasn’t aware that referrals might be a trigger. i applied from a random referral at DoC myself and my account is locked too. I haven’t reached out to them to check, so I’ll have to read more on what’s going on. I also got charged the $5K, so hopefully I’m able to get my funds. On the plus side, looks like they’re in Hauppauge, NY which is 30-45 mins away.

  4. I applied last night and was approved. I was to log in right away but it didn’t show any accounts under my login. I also received an email about earning $50 per referral, up to 10 referrals per year.
    Now I tried to log in and it says: We are unable to access your online banking account. Please contact us at 631-698-7000 (Within NY Metro Area) ** 800-341-4333 (Outside of NY Metro Area). (error code: 21002)

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