Swagbucks, Sign Up for KiwiCo and Make $35 Profit

Swagbucks KiwiCo Offer

Swagbucks KiwiCo Offer

Swagbucks has an offer to earn 5,000 SB for signing up for KiwiCo. You need to spend about $15 for the first order to get this bonus, so you would net a profit of $35. KiwiCo empowers kids to explore, create, and learn with hands-on projects delivered monthly. So this is a great deal for families with young kids.


Sign up & Subscribe for a monthly crate order. You must receive your 1st crate to be eligible for the 5,000 SB Award. Please allow 60 days for your SB Award to be credited to your account. Use promo code LEARN30.

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Guru’s Wrap-up

This could be a moneymaking deal. The cheapest option is about $15 for the kids creativity packet, and you get 5,000 SB which are worth $50 or more. Just make sure you cancel before you get charged for the second month, if you don’t plan on keeping the subscription. You make a $35 profit and you get some cool items for young kids. MyPoints also has the same deal for 5,000 points.

If you don’t have a Swagbucks account, you can sign up with my referral to get a $13 bonus. You can read more about how to earn and redeem Swagbucks here.



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