Removes $200 Visa Gift Cards

$200 Visa Gift Cards cannot be purchased at anymore. Ariana at pointchaser just posted the news and I checked the website hoping that it might have been a glitch, but it’s true. When you search for Visa Gift Cards, the only denominations that show up are $100, $50 and $25.

visa gift card

This would kill as a manufacturing spend option, since the smaller denominations are very expensive and do not make sense, even when purchasing with 5x cards. Even for the smaller denominations there’s a limit of 3 now.

The issue is now whether the $200 Visa cards will be pulled from stores as well, which seems very likely if the online removal is permanent. During the last Staples Easy Rebates offer there were very few of them available at Staples stores around me. I actually only purchases $1200 that whole week since I could rarely find any in stock.

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