Staples, $20 GC With $300+ purchase of Mastercard GCs

Staples is currently running a promotion for $20 Visa gift card rebate with the purchase of $250 in Visa gift cards. When the deal is over this Sunday, they will start a new similar promotion next week, for Mastercard gift cards.

Staples - Mastercard Offer

From 3/22/15 to 3/28/15 you can receive a $20 Staples gift card when you purchase $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards. The $20 rebate will already give you a small profit, but when combined with one of the Chase Ink cards [5X Ultimate Rewards] or Amex SimplyCash [5% back] the deal becomes much much better as usual.

The offer is in store only.

Best strategy

Just like the Visa GC promotion, the best way to maximize your returm, would be to purchase two $200 Mastercard GCs for every transaction. The total cost will be $413.90 and you’ll already make a profit of $6.10 after the $20 rebate. But on top of that you will also receive 2,070 CHASE UR points (if using your Chase Ink cards).

4 thoughts on “Staples, $20 GC With $300+ purchase of Mastercard GCs

  1. Maybe I should have started earlier in the week. Went to 2 Staples locations in Queens last night and they were all out of $200 mastercards

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  3. This is kind of unusual from Staples. Back to back deals???

    I already have about 8k in Visa gc this week 🙂

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