Stacking Tricks, How To Get a $600 50 Inch TV For Free

(DEAD) I posted today about the double cash back promo from TopCashBack and I also wrote a while ago about this Amex Offer that gives you a $75 statement credit when you spend $300 at Dell. Let’s see how we can use them to get a free TV.

Stacking Tricks

VIZIO 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

This TV is selling for $649 at Dell, Best Buy and lots of other places. Maybe you could get it a little cheaper, but it has a full retail value of $849. It comes with Google Cast built-in and a 6-inch Android tablet remote.

Dell is also selling this TV bundled with an Xbox console and a Dell eGift Card here, for $899. Here’s what you get for that price (plus applicable tax):

  • VIZIO 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV M50-D1 with Android Tablet Remote
  • 500GB Xbox One S Battlefield Bundle
  • $300 Dell eGift Card (has expiration date, can be sold on eBay)

The Math

Before crunching the numbers, a few clarifications. I’m considering the Dell eGift Card at face value and I’m omitting tax.

  • $899.99 Price
  • – $300 Promo eGift Card
  • – $90 with 10% Cashback (or more with PerksatWork)
  • – $26 with 3% in Dell Rewards
  • – $225 Amex Offer (split purchase on 3 Amex cards)
  • Final Cost: $258 for TV and Xbox!

The 500GB Xbox One S Battlefield Bundle sells at ~$250 on eBay so if you were to sell it, you end up with an almost free TV. You might even come out ahead if you were targeted for this 8% eBay Bucks offer for sellers.

Keep in mind that you will have $326 in Dell credit that you need to use or sell before it expires.

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9 thoughts on “Stacking Tricks, How To Get a $600 50 Inch TV For Free

  1. Would have been a great money maker. I would have sold both the xbox and the tv. you can still make like 150 maybe just buying the tv alone. Not as good.

  2. Common DDG you should have posted earlier. I would have kept the tv and xbox. damnnn. Any chance of it coming back>?

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