SoFi Money, $100 Bonus When You Receive $1K in Direct Deposits

SoFi Money, $100 Bonus When You Receive $1K in Direct Deposits

SoFi Money is offering a bonus of $100 for setting up direct deposit. The offer is available for existing and new customers, through the end of June. Check out the details below.

SoFi Money $100 Direct Deposit Bonus

For a limited time, get a $100 bonus with qualifying direct deposits. Log in to your account or follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Set up direct deposit by 06/30/21, or download this pre-filled form, sign it, and submit it to your employer’s payroll department.
  2. Complete $1,000 or more in total qualifying Direct Deposit transactions within a 30-day period. Members have 90 days after enrollment in order to qualify for the bonus.
  3. $100 bonus will be deposited into your SoFi Money account within two weeks.

Bonus Offer

To access your account and routing numbers, please click here or go to the Money tab of your SoFi mobile app and tap “More”.

Offer Terms

  • Enrollment in the Program will be available from 5/1/21 12:01AM ET to 06/30/21 11:59PM ET.
  • New SoFi Money members who open their account within the enrollment period are automatically enrolled in the Program with the account open date acting as the effective enrollment date. Existing members without a prior history of Direct Deposit transactions (“Direct Deposit”) are automatically enrolled in the Program at the start of the enrollment period.
  • In order to qualify for the bonus, an enrolled member Qualifying Direct Deposits must be made from the enrolled member’s employer, payroll, or benefits provider via ACH deposit. Deposits that are not from an employer (such as check deposits; P2P transfers such as from PayPal or Venmo, etc.; merchant transactions such as from PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.; and bank ACH transfers not from employers) do not qualify for this promotion.
  • SoFi will credit members who meet the qualification criteria stated above with a one-time cash bonus of $100 deposited into their SoFi Money account within two weeks of qualification.
  • Bonuses are considered miscellaneous income, and may be reportable to the IRS on Form 1099-MISC (or Form 1042-S, if applicable).

Guru’s Wrap-up

A nice offer for those who can switch their direct deposit easily. It should be open to everyone who has, or opens, a SoFi Money account.

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  1. I’ve received DD bonus in the past for my existing money account. Am I correctly assuming I’m eligible for this as well and that there’s no need to register?

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