Serve/Bluebird, $10 Credit For Paying Cell Bill (Targeted)

If you were targeted for this offer, you can get a $10 account credit after you use your Serve or Bluebird Card to pay two of your cell phone bills (minimum $35 each) directly on your cellular provider’s website.

serve bluebird offer 10

People that were targeted should have received an email with the offer.

You might be able to get the credit by just making two $35 payments in the same billing period, but there’s no data points on that yet. If you have any let me know in the comments.

How it works:

  1. Log in to your cellular provider’s website and go to the bill payment area
  2. Pay your bill using the Account number and information on the front of your Card
  3. Automatically receive a $10 Serve Account credit within 30 days after paying your second cell phone bill of $35 or more by 11/30/2015


  • Limit 1 Account Credit in the amount of $10 per account
  • Offer is non-transferable and limited only to recipient of this email
  • Account Credit may be reversed if a qualifying payment transaction with the cellular service is returned/cancelled
  • Your transaction will not qualify if your payment is not made directly with your cellular provider
  • Payments made through the Bluebird Bill Pay feature are not eligible for the offer
  • Payments made with an electronic wallet or through a third party such as PayPal in most cases will not qualify
  • Payments made with Secondary Cards are not eligible for the offer

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