Developing – REDbird, Bluebird & Serve Online & In-store Issues


(10:38 AM ET) Bluebird account started working online as well. I successfully logged in two accounts. It seems like the online problems have been fixed much faster than I was told over the phone.


(10:30 AM ET) I just successfully logged in my REDcard account. Still can’t log in my Bluebird account.


(10:21 AM ET) Finally had found time to call CS and was told that there is a technical glitch with the system that is causing all the problems. They are aware of it and they are working to fix it. I asked when I should expect full service back, and she said “In a few hours”. Doesn’t look like an MS Apocalypse.


It looks like the Amex system problems started around 5PM on Wednesday, 2/25/2015. Not everyone has been affected. There’s a lot of reports of successful log-ins online and loading at both Walmart and Target. But it is a wide spread issue.

As you have probably noticed already, there are some ongoing issues with REDbird, Bluebird & Serve cards. The issues seem to be online as well as in-stores.

There has been many reports of failed attempts to load these cards at Walmart or Target, although there’s been successful attempts as well. Failed attempts don’t have anything to do with the form of payments, since the error comes up when load amount is entered and a network error shows up. People are also reporting problems when purchasing temporary REDbirds, with “system down” errors showing up.

RC error

BB Error

The problems extend online as well. As of now (10AM ET), I can’t log into my REDbird or Bluebird accounts (I don’t currently have a Serve card). The exact log in error comes up as shown above. “The username and password combination isn’t right. As a reminder, the password rules are: at least 8 characters, at least 1 number, at least 1 uppercase, at least 1 lowercase, no symbols.”

This does not seem as a shut down because there have been no official warnings or news from Walmart, Target or Amex. Most likely this has to do a system upgrades and maybe changes to certain features on these cards. We talked about the possibility a few days ago (Walmart to Halt GC Unloading?).

You should hold off from loading money into the cards for now until everything goes back to normal.

I’ll keep updating the post as more info comes in. In the meantime, let us know about your experience in the last two days.

11 thoughts on “Developing – REDbird, Bluebird & Serve Online & In-store Issues

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  2. I’m glad I have very little balance in 3 Serve accounts. On one account, I plan to w/d the balance in multiples of $20. Crossing my fingers I can w/d without a glitch.

      • ATM w/d went smoothly at 12 noon CST. I have just a few dollars in each account now. I’m hoping everything will be settled by next week when I start loading again for March.

  3. Couldn’t load at Walmart last night. Tried it with VGCs and the cashiers computer said something like “Debit not Approved. Vendor’s System Down” or something similar to that. Hopefully is just temporary, I have a few thousands to unload before the month is over.

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