Amex Bluebird, Up to $150 Credit (Targeted)

Amex is running a promotion to get people to use their prepaid Bluebird card. This is a targeted offer, so check for en email. You will receive $1 back every time you use your Card to make a purchase at a new merchant in April, May, and June. You can get up to $50 in account credit each month by making 50 purchases, but all have to be at e different merchant with a different name. Up to $1 in account credits per merchant per month, for a total of up to $3 per merchant during the 3-month offer period. So you can repeat the same 50 purchases every month.

AMEX Bluebird

If you do not reach the monthly account credit limit of fifty dollars ($50) in a given calendar month, you will not be eligible for more than fifty dollars ($50) in account credits the following month. ATM, Pay Bills, Send Money, Bluebird Check transactions, and transfers to linked bank accounts, Sub-Accounts or SetAside Accounts are not eligible purchases or payments for purposes of the offer.

Account credit will normally be applied to your Bluebird Account promptly after your eligible purchase or payment transaction clears, but could take up to thirty (30) days. Account credit may be reversed if a qualifying transaction is reversed or cancelled. The transaction date might post later than the purchase date, depending on when it is reported by the merchant.

Offer Details

  • Use your Bluebird Card virtually anywhere American Express® Cards are accepted
  • Get a $1 account credit the first time you spend at a merchant each month
  • Keep using Bluebird at different merchants and get up to $50 in account credit each month in April, May, and June

One thought on “Amex Bluebird, Up to $150 Credit (Targeted)

  1. The SoftServe offer of $1 back on every purchase, any qualified merchant was much better. I was able to do back to back $1 transactions at WAG and McD for lots of items to reach the $50 limit per month x 6 months. Now they only allow $3 per merchant each month on this BB offer? Lame offer.

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