Get Up to 63% Back on Dining with Seated App, Plus Extra $15 Signup Bonus

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Get Up to 63% Back on Dining with Seated App, Plus Extra $15 Signup Bonus

Update (May 3, 2021) – Check your Seated up for increased bonuses at restaurants around you. You can earn up to 63% back in rewards through May 5th. Indoor dining is open as well now, so it is not limited to Delivery and Pickup orders. You can also earn a $15 signup bonus (with code ENI1). Don’t forget to use one of the best credit cards for restaurant purchases.

The Seated app is a great way to make dining out more affordable. You get a percentage of your bar or restaurant bill back in the form of rewards, usually anywhere from 20-40%. But now, you can do much better. Seated is offering up to 60% back in rewards for pickup and delivery orders. These are options that were added during the pandemic. You can then redeem those rewards for several gift card options such as Uber, Amazon, Target, Sephora, Airbnb and much more.

You can earn 60% in rewards for Delivery and Pickup orders through March 6th. There are over 70 restaurants available in NYC, but check out other cities as well, to see if they have the same promotion. The app is available only in Boston, NYC, Philly, Atlanta and Chicago for now.

Besides a $15 signup bonus (with code ENI1) and the ongoing percentages that you earn each time you dine, they also have many promotions for extra earnings. It can even stack with cash back or points from other apps, since with Seated you just take a picture of the bill and upload it to the app. Check out NYC Restaurant Week, or Chase Dining for example for possible double stacking.

Guru’s Wrap-up

I am a big fan of this app and have used it often until the pandemic hit. It is really a tremendous value for those that can use it. I doubt they can keep giving out these types or rewards, so enjoy it while you can. I have redeemed over $700 in rewards so far, mostly for Amazon gift cards, and some Uber gift cards. I haven’t tried the delivery or pickup options yet though, but I will definitely take advantage of this $25 bonus.

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