Seated App, Save Up to 40% at Restaurants Plus $15 Bonus and More

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Seated App, Save Up to 40% at Restaurants Plus $12 Bonus till 1/5

I have talked about the Seated app in the past here on the site. It’s an app for foodies and really anyone else that goes out to restaurants and bars occasionally. The Seated helps make a restaurant reservation, but the most important feature is that it pays you every time you go to one of the establishments listed in the app. They give you a percentage of your restaurant bill back in the form of rewards, usually anywhere from 20-40%. You can redeem those rewards for several gift card options such as Uber, Amazon, Target, Sephora, Airbnb, Nordstrom, SoulCycle, and more. It gets even better when they have promotions that give you extra $$$ on top of the percentage that is already listed. And keep in mind that all you need to do is spend less than $10 at a bar or restaurant to earn those rewards.

Here’s a quick reap of the promo code that you can use.

  • Signup bonus of $15 with code ENI1
  • Get Extra $20 when you dine 3 times within 30 days with code 3XIN30DAYS (expires 12/30/2029)
  • Extra $10 with code FOODIE (expires 2/4/20)
  • Use Code NOMZ for extra $5 on a receipt of $20 or more (expires 1/30/2020)
  • Extra $10 with code HITLIST (expires 1/13/20)
  • Extra $10 with code RESOLUTION (expires 1/9/20)
  • Extra $12 with code NEWYEAR (expires 1/5/20)

Before you continue reading any further though, I need to tell you that the app is available only in Boston, NYC, Philly, Atlanta and Chicago for now. But there’s a ton of restaurants listed, and most of them are highly rated on Yelp. They say they will be in many more cities across the U.S soon. If you don’t have the app you can download it and get an extra $15 in rewards on your first meal with code ENI1.

Here is a restaurant that I visited last night with a friend. It offered 37% back in rewards. I usually wait until they offer some kind of extra promotion. And to start off the year Seated is giving an extra $12 on top of your rewards, until January 5, 2020. You just need to enter code NEWYEAR in the app. This works for existing users and maybe new users as well. To enter a promo code, click the gift box on the top left corner in the app, and then ‘Add Promo Code’ on the top right.

So at bar Beau in Brooklyn, NY for example, I earned 37% back which came out to $32 on a $87 bill. Plus another $12 thanks to this promotion. That’s a total of $44 back that I will probably redeem for Amazon gift cards. That’s over half of the bill, before taxes and tip. But you can do much better with less expensive meals. I am just amazed every time at the value you get through the app.

As for the restaurant itself, it had a small menu, but great food. Huge selection of cocktails and wine, and only a couple of beers on tap. They did have Sixpoint Bengali IPA so I was happy. I highly recommend it if you are in the area. Looked like a super small place from outside, but it had an awesome dining are and bar in the back.As you would expect, it was a bit pricey, but with the Seated app it was a great meal for a great price.

How To Get Rewards

You use the app to reserve a table at a specific time, or you can click the walk-in button on a restaurant’s profile in the Seated app. You show up, and enjoy your meal. Just know that a walk-in is not a reservation, so be sure to arrive early to avoid waiting.

Once you are done with your meal, save the receipt. You take a picture of it and upload it in the app. Within a few minutes you will receive confirmation of the rewards you have earned. make sure to check each specific restaurant for a minimum purchase requirement. Some don’t have one at all, while others might have a minimum of a few dollars per person.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Almost everything I write about in the site I have tried myself. And Seated is yet another example. I check it all the time now when I am in areas where they have tons of restaurants. For NYC they’re mostly in Manhattan, Brooklyn and some parts of Queens. For the Boston, Philly, Atlanta and Chicago, check the app and see if it makes sense for you. Even if you don’t live in these cities, the app could be useful when you visit. I’m sure they have tons of option for the most popular areas in each one. Again, if you don’t have the app you can download it and get an extra $15 in rewards on your first meal with code ENI1. You can also refer friend and family to earn some extra rewards when they use the app for the first time.

Let me know if you have used the app in the past.

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