Seated App, Get Extra $7 Reward with Code LUCKYME

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Seated App, Get Extra $7 Reward with Code LUCKYME

Update 11/13/20: Check your account for a new code LUCKYME that will get you an extra $7 Rewards on your next restaurant bill. It’s probably targeted, but check your apps if it’s already added, or try adding it. It’s valid for receipts submitted by Nov 16, 2020.

I wrote yesterday about a new bonus of $25 for dining out, and using the Seated app. With this app you get a percentage of your bar or restaurant bill back in the form of rewards, usually anywhere from 20-40%. You can then redeem those rewards for several gift card options such as Uber, Amazon, Target, Sephora, Airbnb. The app is available only in Boston, NYC, Philly, Atlanta and Chicago for now.

Besides a $15 signup bonus (with code ENI1), there is also a new promotion that can get you an extra $25 in rewards. To get this bonus, you need to spend $50+ from now through October 31st.

But now it’s even better. Seated is doubling rewards for select restaurants, which means that you can earn as much as 60% back on your dining bill. And this can still be stacked with wither the $15 signup bonus or the $25 October bonus. It can easily be close to a free dinner.

How Seated Works

  1. Search for restaurants near you if you are in one of the cities where Seated is available. Each restaurant will show the rewards rate, and some of them will have Surge Rewards which means that they have a limited time increase in the rewards that you earn. You can see a list of restaurants, or check in the map feature. You can also filter by cuisine and neighborhood.
  2. Once you pick a restaurant, you can use the Seated app to make a reservation where available, or just click Walk In. You can do this ahead of time or even after you are seated at the restaurant. They are not very strict about the timing.
  3. Enjoy your meal and pay with a credit card that gives you the most rewards on dining. You don’t need to link your card in the app.
  4. Make sure to save your receipt. Take a picture and upload it in the app, under Bookings, where your restaurant visit will be listed.
  5. Rewards will be issued within an hours or so. You will receive a percentage based on your pre-tax total on the bill.
  6. Rewards are instantly loaded to your account and can be used for gift cards such as Amazon, Uber and more.

Here’s an example from using the $25 promotion at a restaurant that was offering 50% in Rewards:

So for a dinner that was $65 total, I received $55 back in rewards. That’s in addition to credit card rewards and sometimes you can even see some restaurants listed in other apps, so you can get even more back. Some restaurants also have rewards for delivery and pickup orders, but those are usually less than dining in.

Guru’s Wrap-up

I am a big fan of these app and have used it often until the pandemic hit. It is really a tremendous value for those that can use it. I doubt they can keep giving out these types or rewards, so enjoy it while you can. I have redeemed over $500 in rewards so far, mostly for Amazon gift cards, and some Uber gift cards. I haven’t tried the delivery or pickup options yet though, but I will definitely take advantage of this $25 bonus. And now it is an even better opportunity to try out one of the restaurants that are offering 60% back in rewards.

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