MoviePass Limits New Users to 4 Movies a Month

MoviePass is a movie theater subscription service. You pay a monthly fee and you can watch as many movies as you want. The regular price is $9.95 but it is sometimes discounted. Current members can watch unlimited movies but it looks like they have added restrictions for new users. Their page now has the following fine print:

  • Offer includes four movies a month with MoviePass and an extended, free 3-month iHeartRadio All-Access trial.
  • Only available to new subscribers. Will be billed for the full three month plan at sign-up, then billed quarterly afterwards.

moviepass 4 movies a month

How it Works

With this program you can watch the latest 2D movies in theaters. MoviePass is used through a smartphone. You pay $29.85 for 3 months (billed quarterly). Once you sign up and pay the fee you receive a MoviePass card within two weeks. To use the pass, you need to be at a movie theater and pick a movie from their app. You then pay with the MoviePass card and you’re on your way to enjoy the movie.

They include all the major movie theater chains so most people should find it useful. You should still double check here, to see where you can use it.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

I haven’t tried this out myself yet, as I rarely go to movie theaters. But it looks like great value, especially for those who have already signed up and are able to watch unlimited movies monthly. I doubt anyone would go watch a movie every day anyway, but it’s obviously better to not have any limits. Even at 4 movies per month this is still very good value. At AMC Empire 25 for example, tickets cost $16.29 and you’re getting them for just $2.50 even not with limitations. Tickets are cheaper at many other places but you will still nowhere close to $2.50.

Do you have MoviePass?

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