IHG (Point)less Surprises? You’re Not Alone

You’ve probably heard by now of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) promotion, “Priceless Surprises”. You can get surprise points per stays, or just by mailing in a handwritten postcard when you’re part of IHG Rewards Club and have a Mastercard. The latter is the interesting part.

Priceless Surprises® by IHG® Rewards Club and Mastercard®

You can mail in up to 94 entries per IHG account until February 15, 2016 and you’re guaranteed to win at least 500 pints per entry. That means a total of at least 47,000 IHG points at a cost of about $50 (stamps, envelopes, co-pay for hand cramps). See official rules here.

Today there’s reports on reddit, May in the comments below, and other places that people are receiving emails for their entries, but get a message saying that they’re not winners. “Play again daily. While you didn’t win this time. Complete another stay before February 15 for another chance to win. Now, send a Priceless Surprise link to friends!“. Entries until now have always earned a minimum of 500 points as expected so this is troubling.

Maybe there’s a daily limit that’s being reached with more people jumping in and receiving emails now. Or people sending in second batches after testing the waters first. Maybe there’s a total limit on points, which wasn’t noted on the terms of the promo. If you get the same message, then you should probably give up for the day and try again tomorrow.

I’m still waiting for about half of my emails so I hope I didn’t waste my time.

As always, you should jump on these deals early. And maybe I should listen to my own advice.

18 thoughts on “IHG (Point)less Surprises? You’re Not Alone

  1. They just kept asking for my IHG number since last week but never emailed me back regarding my entries. I’m concerned that all 94 index cards are lost. They contain personal information. There was a phone number (1-888-211-9874) posted at another site/blog. Does anyone have an alternate number to call?


    • I emailed myself regarding some missing entries for a family member. They asked for IHG number as well even though it was included in my original email. It’s been 3-4 days and I’m still waiting to hear back from them.

      I haven’t tried calling. Please let us know if you find any other info.

  2. I sent my 94 index cards in 3 separate batches (different dates). The last batch was mailed on Feb 11th. Plenty of time to be postmarked and received. I also made sure I wrote everything in bold, hand written letters. I double checked every instructions and mailing address. The only thing that I didn’t wrote was the field titles (i.e. Name, etc.) as it wasn’t necessary. So far, I have not received any emails 🙁

  3. 22 emails last night. 21 with 500pts, 1 with $50 MCGC

    what happens now? the website said “Check your email for more details on how to redeem your Priceless Surprise” they send another email to claim your points? I received an email for the $50 mastercard saying that I’ll get it by email in 8-10 weeks.

  4. FYI, At 5:59 pm IHG sent me a email apologizing for their glitch and that I will received 500 pts per entry. I am so relieve because i just start sending out my husband’s. Thanks for the congrats.

  5. Reblogged this on Danny the Deal Guru and commented:

    Update: I just received a batch of 10 emails a few minutes ago and I waited till pas 12am to try my luck. I was relived to see a 500 bonus points, although I would have preferred a better prize. Seems like it’s working again.

  6. me and my husband filled out 188 postcards in one weekend (wouldn’t recommend it). we are still waiting for the emails. I really really hope it wasn’t all for nothing.

  7. FYI my last 15 was no wins. Before that I would receive 500pts. I had a couple of 1,000 and 2000 pts. I also won a 1 night stay.

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