Automate Your IHG Priceless Suprises Entries

I have yet to send in all of my 94 entries. The main reason being that handwriting 94 entries takes a long time. I usually write a few here and there while I have a few idle minutes. It feels like I’m not wasting any time, but it’s also taking me forever to get the job done.


Today I just read a great tip at loopholetravel who reports that you can automate your entries. This will help me complete my entries quickly and save me time and hand cramps, with a bit of a risk.

Here’s what you need to do. Sign up for IHG Rewards Club if you don’t have an account and then register for the promo here. Use 5″ x  3″ blank postcards (very important). Fill out a few of them (5 suggested by loopholetravel) by hand with the following information, one per each row:

  • Full Name
  • Address (I did it in two rows since it didn’t fit)
  • Day Time Phone
  • Evening Phone
  • Email Address
  • IHG Number
  • First 6 Digits of MasterCard Number
  • Birth Date

Write clearly and there’s no need to explain what each row is. You don’t need to write things such as “IHG #” or DOB, they’ll figure it out.

Now that you have a few filled out, scan them and print enough copies of each to make 94 total. They will seem handwritten and there’s enough variety so they don’t all look the same.

You should already have your stamps and quickstrip envelopes (you don’t want to lick 94 envelopes). I printed the address directly on the envelopes.

IHG and MasterCard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion, c/o HelloWorld, Inc.,

P.O. Box 5996

Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5996

After printing all 94 envelopes, stuff them, close them, stamp them and drop them on your mailbox. Get to it this weekend since you’ll be locked in by a foot of snow probably and also you’ll need to get it done by February 15, 2016. I have to add that there’s a risk with this method, since it doesn’t follow the terms of the promo. Until now I handprinted the index cards and printed the envelopes.

It takes a few weeks to receive your emails and up to a week after that to receive your points or other prizes.

Final step… Pick a great IHG location to redeem your points.

4 thoughts on “Automate Your IHG Priceless Suprises Entries

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  3. haha nicee. i’ll try it for my parents, since they’re looking for a vacation. I did mine by hand 🙁

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