IHG Offer for 80K Points and $50 Credit

IHG has had a few versions of this offer in the last few weeks, but this is the highest that has been reported recently. We have talked about a 70K offer in our blog before and now with some maneuvering you can receive the latest deal for 80K IHG points + $50 credit, after spending $1,000 in 3 months on the new card. It was reported in a FT thread that the offer can be obtained when doing a checkout after making dummy booking, or most likely after making an actual (cancel-able) booking and then checking the reservation.

IHG Offer

Even if you do not receive the highest offer (I didn’t receive it with 8-9 attempts), you can apply for the card and then send a message to Chase saying that while checking your reservation, you received an offer for  80K IHG points + $50 statement credit. Ask them if they could match the offer and most likely they will extend it to you. However, to receive the  $50 statement credit, you will need to book a room, otherwise you will just receive the 80K IHG points.

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