HOT! Get Avios Points For 0.67 Cents

This weekend you can earn double Avios miles when shopping through the BA portal. That’s a great offer since it gives you very good rates on lots of merchants and the ability to get Avios points for less than a cent each. The increased earning rates will be available only March 2-5.

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How To Get Cheap Avios

To take advantage of this offer you’ll need to sign up for a dating site, so ask for permission first from significant other before going any further…

Now let’s continue. First switch to the USA version of the website, if it goes to UK be default.

British Airways’ shopping portal is offering 150 Avios per dollar at With a simple division, each point will cost just 0.67 cents, which is a great price for Avios.


Now the key is to spend as much as possible at to maximize the offer. One Mile at a Time post has a great tip how to spend as much as possible at You can un-bundle your subscription and then add every possible add on to increase the price. You should be able to charge as much as $548.57. At a rate of 150 Avios per dollar, that’s 82,285 Avios.

Subscription auto-renews in a year so make sure to set e reminder to cancel it.

HT: frequent miler

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