Hawaii Announces Next Phase of COVID-19 Measures

Hawaii COVID-19 Measures

Hawaii Announces Next Phase of COVID-19 Measures

Hawaii Gov. David Ige and the county mayors today announced the next phase of state and county measures related to COVID-19.

Some of the measures already in place have proven to be effective and will remain unchanged in the next emergency proclamation relating to COVID-19. That includes:

  • The Hawaii Safe Travels Program;
  • The indoor mask mandate;
  • The vaccination or testing requirements for state executive and county employees; and 
  • The vaccination or testing requirements for contractors and visitors to state facilities.

Hawaii residents have worn their masks and avoided large gatherings, even important family events. Most of our residents are vaccinated. We worked together to keep our communities as safe as possible during this pandemic. The State of Hawaii is now ready to move from overall state coordination back to the counties,” said Gov. Ige.

The governor will sign another emergency proclamation on Nov. 29. He announced the following changes: 

  • As of Dec. 1, the counties will no longer be required to obtain the approval of the governor or the director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA) prior to issuing county emergency orders, rules or proclamations. Counties will continue to have direct responsibility for emergency management with their respective counties. Emergencies are usually county-specific and county-led, with the state serving in a supporting role.
    • The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency will continue its various support functions.
    • The Dept. of Health will continue to issue public health guidance. 
  • Executive Order 21-08, issued on Nov. 2, 2021 regarding Statewide Limits for Social Gatherings, Restaurants, Bars, Social Establishments, and Gyms will end on Dec. 1, 2021. The counties will implement appropriate measures for social gatherings, restaurant operations, social establishments and other venues within their own counties.
  • Extensions for driver’s license renewals, instruction permits, and replacements are ending as of Nov. 29, 2021.
  • Consistent with the federal and state implementation of vaccination and testing policies, the state will no longer offer a Critical Infrastructure workers’ exemption to the 10-day travel quarantine. Exemptions for persons who previously tested positive for COVID-19 and other exemptions will continue to be considered. 

“The nature of this emergency was like no other, and it required a level of federal, state and county coordination that we’ve never before seen. I’m grateful for the leadership of our mayors and for the collaboration and close working relationship that we have. Together, with the people of Hawaii, we arrived at this point. But the pandemic is not over. We urge residents to remain vigilant as we continue to protect the health and safety of our kamaaina, re-energize our economy and strengthen our communities,” Gov. Ige said.

Once signed on Nov. 29, the proclamation relating to COVID-19 will continue through January 28, 2022.


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