Hawaii And CLEAR Partner To Expand Safe Travels Program Across The U.S.

Hawaii And CLEAR Partner To Expand Safe Travels Program Across The U.S.

CLEAR and the State of Hawaii have partnered to expand the use of CLEAR’s Health Pass technology for COVID-19 test screening and vaccine verification of all Hawaii-bound travelers through the Hawaii Safe Travels program.

Starting today, July 9th, passengers over the age of 18 from every U.S. mainland airport and on any airline may utilize CLEAR’s Health Pass as part of the Hawaii Safe Travels testing and vaccine requirements for arrival in all airports in Hawaii. This makes it simple and easy to travel to Hawaii without being subjected to a 10-day quarantine period.

Using the free CLEAR mobile app and Health Pass feature, travelers can add their negative COVID-19 test result or vaccine verification to their Health Pass. Travelers will then head to the Hawaii Safe Travels website to apply for a quarantine exception by linking to their CLEAR Health Pass. A seamless and secure process that can all be done with just your phone.

Health Pass is a free service on the CLEAR app that connects your verified identity with your health insights to provide a safer, easier way back to the places and people you love. The digital vaccine card you create will sync with Health Pass for easier access to venues accepting COVID-19 vaccinations for entry. CLEAR’s Health Pass is able to link to vaccination results from hundreds of vaccine providers and national pharmacies, including Walmart, Atlantic Health System and the state of California. 

How it Works

You can leave your vaccination card at home, if you’re heading to Hawaii. Once a traveler has created a Health Pass and linked it with Hawaii Safe Travels, they are good to go. Here’s how it works:

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  • Securely Link Vaccination or Test Results: Travelers can generate a Health Pass by linking to their proof of vaccination or a COVID-19 test results. Health Pass has the ability to link to hundreds of vaccine providers including national pharmacy chains, Walmart, Atlantic Health System, and the state of California’s vaccine registry.
  • Connect Health Pass to Safe Travels: Once created, travelers will then go to the Hawaii Safe Travels website to apply for quarantine exemption by linking to their CLEAR Health Pass.
  • Frictionless Pre-Boarding: At the boarding gate or in the terminal, airline employees will scan the HI QR Code to validate that all entry requirements are satisfied. Depending on the airline, travelers may receive a wristband to help expedite arrivals procedures in Hawaii. If a particular airline does not provide preclearance prior to departure, travelers will be screened upon arrival in Hawaii.
  • Seamless Arrival: Upon arrival to Hawaii, travelers will show their wristband to airport personnel to demonstrate compliance with all entry and exemption requirements – expediting the entry process – or proceed to arrivals screening.

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