Traveling to Hawaii to Become Easier for Vaccinated Visitors

Traveling to Hawaii vaccine

Traveling to Hawaii to Become Easier for Vaccinated Visitors

If you have been waiting to travel to Hawaii, it could soon get easier to get there, if you are vaccinated. Lt. Gov. Josh Green said travelers who get the COVID-19 vaccine will likely be exempted from quarantine and testing requirements as early as this spring.

“I’ve reached out to the governor with a policy decision that we accept people who are fully vaccinated as an exemption to the Safe Travels program,” said Green, as per Hawaii News Now. “This is a massive game changing level of security if we get this done.”

About 11 million people, or about 3% of the U.S. population, have already been vaccinated and the Biden administration wants to vaccinate 100 million people in its first 100 days.

Green said the hold-up right now is the completion of a CDC study on whether people who are vaccinated could still spread the disease. “Here’s the concern that you can be fully vaccinated but they want to make sure there’s not extra infection or COVID 19 in people’s upper airways, and nose and throat,” said Green.

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