Gift Card Deals on Amazon – Up to 20% Off for LL Bean, Domino’s Etc

Amazon has released some new gift card deals today. You can get discounts up to 20% on some brands.

Here’s a list of the deals available. Some of them could sell out soon.

  • $50 Panera Bread Gift Card $42.50 w/ code PANERA
  • $50 The Children’s Place Gift Card $40 w/ code KIDSCLOTHES
  • $50 Petco Gift Card $42.50 w/ code PETCO
  • $50 Happy Eats Gift Card $42.50 w/ code HAPPYEATS
  • $50 L.L. Bean Gift Card $40 w/ code LLBEAN
  • $50 Regal Gift Card $42.50 w/ code REGAL
  • $50 Dominos Gift Card $40 w/ code DOMINOS

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