Buy Gift Cards On Amazon With Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are always almost as good as cash. You can load them to your gift card balance on Amazon and use them to purchase goods from Amazon. Now they got even better as you can use them to buy other gift cards as well.    Gift Cards.jpeg

When purchasing gift cards, you now have the option to use Amazon gift cards, or the gift card balance that you have in you amazon account. Amazon gift cards are usually given out as bonuses in an array of promos and can also be purchased at stores like Staples where Chase Ink cards earn 5%. Amazon sells a lot of gift cards and they also have gift card sales┬ásometimes through their “Deals of the Day”.

DoC also posted about another change to Amazon gift cards. You’re now able to check the balance on an Amazon gift card, without having to add it┬áto your Amazon account.

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