Save 1% on Plastiq Fee with Visa SavingsEdge 

Plastiq SavingsEdge 

Save 1% on Plastiq Fee with Visa SavingsEdge

Plastiq lets you pay bill with a credit card. It charges your card for the amount of your payment plus a 2.85% Plastiq fee and pays your suppliers via ACH, check or wire transfer. That is a hefty fee, but it makes it easier to increase spending on your card from the comfort of your home, or help with cash flow issues, since you can pay the credit card bill a month later. The best time to use Plastiq though is when they run promotions, and now there is one through SavingsEdge. With a business card you can save 1% on the processing fee, for your first $2,500 in payments. This offer has been extended through February.


With this offer, 1% of your Plastiq payment will be automatically credited to your Visa Small Business Card enrolled in SavingsEdge and Plastiq for up to $2,500 in cumulative Plastiq payments using your enrolled Visa Business Card between 10/6/2020 and 2/28/2021. Pay virtually any supplier with your Visa Business Card, even if they don’t accept cards. See promotion here.

Offer Terms

  • Enrollment into Plastiq and the Visa SavingsEdge program required if not already enrolled.
  • Valid for U.S. Visa Small Business Cards making payment to U.S. recipients.

Guru’s Wrap-up

If you have a Visa Business Card, you can take advantage of a lower fee for bill payments made through Plastiq. You will pay 1 .85% fee instead of the usual 2.85%, but only for the first $2,500 in payments for a card enrolled in SavingsEdge. This should work even if your Plastiq account is not new.

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