You Can Now Have Them All… Serve/Bluebird/Redbird

After playing mean for most of 2016, Amex has started to play nice for the few people left who still have their prepaid products. We always had to make the tough choice previously when picking one of their products since you could only have one Bluebird, Serve or Redbird per social security number.

FAQs Bluebird by American Express Walmart.jpeg

Now Amex has lifted that restriction and you can have all three of them. It’s already noted in the FAQs that you’re able to do so and also confirmed by NoonRadar. He also reports that there are some limitations with the new change, most likely due to the work being done on their systems to accommodate this change.

Have Serve or Bluebird Account? Users with more than one Account are unable to send and request money from other users and deposit money by check through our app while we make improvements to our site. 

So this news will be worthless for many people, myself included, since we can’t apply for any of these products if we were shutdown in the last few months. However it is good news for those who can still apply since they can take advantage of all the benefits without having to chose one or the other. You can get 5% off at target with your Redbird and load your Serve with an Amex card.

3 thoughts on “You Can Now Have Them All… Serve/Bluebird/Redbird”

  1. Good point Danny. I kept getting questions about account closures by Amex so I expounded about it on the original post.

    When Target disallowed debit loads for Redbird, thousands flocked to Serve & Bluebird, which prob freaked out Amex risk assessment and they started to shut people down, also banning many from registering again for another prepaid card, prob for quite some time. One of my Serve accounts was never shut down, many others reported being alive after several shutdown waves.

    There doesn’t seem to be a pattern though of what is safe to use, from the data points I’ve seen online. For people that haven’t been banned from Amex, I recommend taking it easy on the VGC loading for MS. There’s nice steady deals to be had by utilizing & combining these cards with others, like getting 10% off Southwest tickets and a huge part off your regular shopping and entertainment budgets (see this post for stacking stragegies:

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