Apocalypse Averted – REDbird, Bluebird & Serve ARE BACK in Business

Just as we thought, the problems with REDbird, Bluebird & Serve were just technical issues on the Amex end. I reported earlier of the problems that started yesterday in the afternoon. Now everything seems back to normal. I called CS around 10:20AM ET and was told that service would be back within a few hours, but I was able to log in within 20 minutes (REDcard and Bluebird).

I have yet to go to a Walmart or Target today, but I expect that the issues there will be resolved as well. Tim, a contributor to the blog, reported that the Walmart in Long Island, NY, was up and running about 5 minutes ago.

This definitely was a scare and it should be a lesson to everyone. Do not let your money sit on your REDbird/Bluebird/Serve account for too long. Do not wait until the last day of the month to max out your loading limit either.

3 thoughts on “Apocalypse Averted – REDbird, Bluebird & Serve ARE BACK in Business

  1. I’m just reading about this right now. I have been a bit unplugged for the last day or so. Greta to hear that everything is getting back to normal because I’m planning a massive assault the next two days. Will try to load about 10K on 2 BB and one RB.

    I would have freaked out if I went there and saw the error code.

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