Delta Vacations Promo Extended till 9/6/19

Delta Vacations Promo Extended

Delta Vacations Promo Extended

Delta Vacations has a promotion this that lets you redeem SkyMiles at a rate of two cents each. That’s twice as much as the normal value. This Delta Vacations promo could be a great opportunity to use up your Skymiles and also earn miles for the flight portion. The promotion was first scheduled to expire on August 30, but has been extended for one more week.

Miles to Memories and others have reported that agents has said over the phone that the promotion will continue through September 6th. The new expiration date doesn’t show up online. But, you can call in and verify for yourself with an agent that the Delta Vacations Promo was extended. You can read more about the promotion on my previous post.

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is a great deal for those who have lots of Delta SkyMiles. And it even makes sense to transfer Amex Membership Rewards points with the value that you can get out of them. Take a look and see if there’s anything that catches your eye. Also let me know if you book anything.

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  1. Anyone having any luck with this? I have tried for last 2 days but 50,000 points = just $500. It should be 50,000 = $1000

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