Defer Chase Card Payments Online for Three Months

Defer Chase Card Payments Online

Defer Chase Card Payments Online for Three Months

Credit card issuers, and many other companies for that matter, are offering relief program designed to help customers who are suffering financially during the coronavirus pandemic. Now Chase has created an online form where you can request to defer your Chase card payments for three months. You can request here.

This is not something that everyone should do. If you are able to continue paying your credit card, do so. With this service, you can delay three monthly payments, but you will continue to accrue interest on your unpaid balances. Rates vary by account and you can find them in the terms of your credit card. The enrollment page also specifies that you can only request this payment deferral once per credit card account.

Also make sure to stop automatic payments that you have set up for any accounts. By requesting a payment deferral those payments will not be stopped. Make sure to pause them for three months.

How it Works

Here’s how this relief program will work once you are enrolled:

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  • You can delay 3 monthly payments.
  • This program does not change how you can use your card, including your ability to make purchases.
  • We encourage you to keep paying if you can because we will still charge you interest, according to the terms of your account, and add it to your unpaid balance.
  • Going forward, we will refund any associated late fees we charge.
  • If you are unable to pay, please stop any automatic or scheduled payments, including from any non-Chase accounts.
  • Your statements will show you have no minimum payment due. They also will show all your account activity, including transactions, outstanding balance, interest, fees and refunds.
  • Once this program ends, you will need to resume making the minimum payment due, according to your account terms. This will include any past-due payments that existed at the time we granted you this relief.
  • We won’t report negative information to the credit reporting agencies from your participation in this program. This doesn’t change any previously reported information, including delinquencies.
  • Promotional interest rates will expire according to their original terms.

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