Uber Eats Promo Codes: $10 Off $25+ on 3 Orders with PayPal

Uber Eats Promo Codes

Uber Eats Promo Codes

Uber Eats has been very generous lately with discounts and promotions. These Uber Eats promo codes are often targeted. Sometimes they are automatically added to accounts, and other times you need to input the code yourself. First, if you don’t have an account, you can also use promo code EATS-STEVEB330 or EATS-74DHG9 to get $20 off your first order of $25 or more. Then you can use the Uber Eats promo codes after that.

Here’s how to check by adding codes to your account:

  1. Tap the profile icon at the bottom of the main screen
  2. Tap “Promotions” then “Add promo”
  3. Enter the code and tap “Add promo”
  4. If it works, apply code to your next purchase

You can only use one promo code per order. So make sure you chose the one that gets you the best discount if you have more than one listed. Plus if a discount code is expiring soon and you don’t need anything right away, you can always schedule a delivery for the next day or later. Stack this discount with your with Amex Platinum Uber credits for this month as well. So now, let’s get into the list of promo codes.

List of Promo Codes and Deals

The newer codes are on top of this list. But also take a look at recent codes that might still be valid. Expiration date is listed for most of them. make sure to start your orders with the Ibotta app so you can earn 3% back on all your purchases.

  • Free Uber One membership and 10% off for select Capital One cardholders.
  • UBER6jcjcqa– $10 Off each of your next 3 orders of $25+ when you pay with PayPal. Delivery only. Expires 10/12/23.
  • EATS40L5Q – 40% (up to $15) off your next 3 orders over $20. Expires 04/24/23.
  • EATS40NXJ – 40% (up to $15) off your next 3 orders over $20. Expires 04/17/23.
  • 10% Off Uber Eat Gift Cards
  • EATS40MYP – 40% (up to $15) off your next 3 orders over $20. Expires 03/06/23.
  • EATS40ZOZ – 40% (up to $15) off your next 3 orders over $20. Expires 02/27/23.
  • EATS40S94 – 40% (up to $15) off your next 3 orders over $20. Expires 02/20/23.
  • VDAY50OFF – 50% off at Starbucks. Expires 02/14/23.
  • LIVINGSINGLE50: 50$ off next $50+ order. Max savings $50. Valid in Washington DC, Baltimore-Maryland, Eastern Shore only. Expires 02/14/23.
  • EATS40SDB – 40% (up to $15) off your next 3 orders over $20. Expires 01/30/23.
  • EATS40QU2 – $15 off $25 on 3 orders. Delivery only. Expires 1/9/23.
  • Amex Offers, Earn 500 Points with $15 Uber/UberEats Purchase (5x)
  • TOES – $10 off your next order. Uber One subscribers only. Expires 12/31/22.
  • EATS40GEA – $15 off $35 on 3 orders. Delivery only. Expires 12/26/22.
  • SHIPTOME – 50% off (max $50) your order of $50 or more from H&H Bagels, Cookie Rich, Landry’s Kitchen, Captain Stone Crab, or any other restaurants on Uber Eats Nationwide Shipping. Expires 12/25/22.
  • $100 Uber Eats Gift Card for $80 at Best Buy.
  • $100 Uber Eats Gift Card for $85 at Kroger. Expires 12/18/22.
  • EATS407OZ – 40% (up to $15) off your next 3 orders over $20. Expires 11/28/22.
  • THANKSGIVINGSHIPPED – $25 off your order of $50+ from any restaurant on Uber Eats Nationwide Shipping. Expires 11/24/22.
  • EATS405IX – 40% (up to $15) off your next 3 orders over $20. Expires 11/21/22.
  • EATS40GS2 – 40% (up to $15) off your next 3 orders over $20. Expires 11/14/22.

Download Uber Eats app in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Guru’s Wrap-up

You can also stack this discount with your with Amex Platinum or Amex Gold Uber credits for this month. If you do not have an account, you can also use promo code EATS-74DHG9 to get $20 off your first order.

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16 thoughts on “Uber Eats Promo Codes: $10 Off $25+ on 3 Orders with PayPal”

    1. I gray them out as I update with new codes. But sometimes I don’t have an expiration date or the date might be wrong, so I leave them there for a while. I have removed most of them.

  1. Latest code EATS40ZWW didn’t work for me. Says I’m not eligible.
    For the past 2 months they’ve been automatically adding the 40% off 3 orders weekly, but seems I’m no longer eligible?

  2. Pingback: UberEats: Promo Codes, Discounts & Other Savings ($15 Off With HAWKSEATS15, WA & OR only) - Doctor Of Credit

  3. I have been getting the 25% off order but the fees are way too miuch without Uber One.
    Use to get UberPass for free via Amex. and since that expire, I primarily only do pickups. By the time I add on the tip, its barely worth it.

    I just found out one Citi offers for Uber One. Will get two have a month UberOne for free. Stack the $10 off each ride * 4, and hope the $10 off $25 is not for delivery only. Not much detial info on citi offer

    Hope I can use my UberCash from Amex. Like Chase gives me free doordash, but I have to pay with that Chase card only for the benefits.

    Saw a push for UberOne sign up today and they are gving a generous discount of $20 off $25 for delivery only.

  4. I got this offer also. Seems like all the offers are ‘delivery only’ these days. The only thing I use UberEats for is to use my $15 Amex credit. UberEats has gotten so slow (and sometimes never finds a driver) that I have started ordering from someplace close and picking it up myself. Plus when you add all the fees and subtract the coupon, it usually costs more than picking it up without the coupon. If I ever close my Amex card, I will probably never use UberEats again.

    1. Yeah, fees are crazy for delivery. I always do pickup unless one of these coupons makes sense. And yes, I also use Uber Eats mostly for Amex Plat/Gold credit.

  5. Hey… blessings and thank you for your efforts. -Currently there’s a “$20 off min $30 of ‘essentials’” at 7-11, advertised on my Uber account banner… but I click it, says it’ll add it automatically, fill my order and it doesn’t add it. I can’t seem to find any details on the promo other than the short description of “pre taxes & fees, will auto attach, min $30”. I must not be googling properly or something. There’s no code stated in the advert, so I have nothing to add, myself. Nothing shows up under my “promos” except my history and the steadfast “$10/add a friend/spend” promo. I am not savvy w/this but we utilize Uber eats far more than healthy. Currently Platinum. -End of novella. 🌺

    1. Some offers show up like that, with no code. Maybe just add more items and go well over $30. Then remove items as needed. Maybe some items are not eligible?

    2. We’re having the same issue, Eron. My partner tried this a month ago and was never able to access the offer, now I got sent same offer and also can’t use it. Ridiculous! If certain items like alcohol are not included in promo, they should be clearly listed. Waste of time! Bad on Uber Eats and 7/11 fir false advertising; you’re not getting my money!

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