DEAD / Business and First Class flights, under $80 from Europe to US

Sad news today from United. They announced that they will not honor short lived deal that we wrote about yesterday, where some were able to get a first or business class ticket for less than $80. United blamed the error on a “third-party currency conversion”.

United Airlines

In their statement, United says that it is voiding the bookings of several thousand individuals who were attempting to take advantage of an error a third-party software provider made when it applied an incorrect currency exchange rate, despite United having properly filed its fares. Most of these bookings were for travel originating in the United Kingdom, and the level of bookings made with Danish Kroner as the local currency was significantly higher than normal during the limited period that customers made these bookings.

We always knew that this was a big possibility, but it was still worth a shot. Deals that good don’t come around that often. We’ll live to fight another day.

3 thoughts on “DEAD / Business and First Class flights, under $80 from Europe to US

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  3. well you had to lie and put your country ad Denmark… isn’t that illegal? this doesn’t seem as just an mistake fare

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