Close Your Santander Extra20 Accounts Or Switch To Paperless Statement To Avoid $3 Fee

For those who have/had extra20 Checking and extra20 Savings accounts, you will no longer receive that monthly $20. The final extra20 bonus payment will be the bonus for the statement ending in June. On July 1 your accounts, if still open, were switched to Simply Right Checking and Santander Savings with the same account numbers. Some people that opened accounts recently, were given a year, so they will be switched later.

extra20 Checking Santander

The best thing to do is to close these accounts as they don’t really offer anything that you can’t get with most accounts out there. Plus, the sooner you close the checking account, the sooner you can go for this $150 bonus. You have to wait a year.

If you’re keeping the account open, make sure to switch to a paperless statement if you didn’t already do this previously. The Simply Right Checking account that you have now has a $3 fee for paper statements. This fee is waived for the first two service periods and will be charged starting with your third service fee period. There is no fee for paperless statements.

I did receive paper statements, since I never bothered to make the switch. Not very earth friendly, I know. And they come in a huge envelope for some reason.

To close your account, you need to visit a local branch, or you may speak with a Customer Service Center Advisor at 1-877-768-2265. I didn’t find a way to do it online.

Also don’t forget to stop your recurring transfers.

It was great while it lasted.

4 thoughts on “Close Your Santander Extra20 Accounts Or Switch To Paperless Statement To Avoid $3 Fee

  1. I’m also extended until November 2016, so I’ll be using the account, and getting the $20 per month until Dec. 1st…then I’ll have to decide if I want to close it, or open up a Simply Right account. hope they still have the $150 promo then!

    • Yes, it looks like recent accounts will be able to go on longer. When did you open yours?

      Closing it would be the obvious choice, once the $20 monthly bonus ends. Unless you really love their service and features.

  2. Some are still extended until November. My wife got the axe July 1st. For whatever reason I’m still going for a few more months to milk a few more dollars out of them.

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