Santander Ends extra20 Checking For New Customers

I’ve written a few times about Santander’s extra20 checking account, urging people to sign up. It’s an easy $240 annually, with no effort besides the initial set up. You need just $1500 tied up, so that works out to a 16% return, much better than any APR out there.

extra20 Checking Santander

Well, now they have pulled the offer as reader bbb just told us. Another readers, Ron, warned us about a month ago. It is now unavailable for new applicants.

Those who already have the extra20 checking accounts shouldn’t have problems for now. You will still get $10 every month for a $1,500 direct deposit and another $10 for two bill payments. Let’s hope it lasts.

Santander has introduced a more conventional $150 bonus which is still available.

2 thoughts on “Santander Ends extra20 Checking For New Customers

  1. I just got a letter from Santander informing that as of July 1, 2016, Extra 20 Program is being phased out and all accounts will be converted to Simply Right Checking. I will be closing my account. They are a terrible bank.

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