Citi Dividend, Full 2019 Calendar For 5% Cash Back Categories

See Citi Dividend 2020 Calendar.

Citi has released the full calendar for 2018 for the 5% Cash Back categories on the Citi Dividend card. This card is no longer available, but many people still have it. It has no annual fee and also comes with rotating 5% categorizes.

citi dividend 5 cash back calendar 2019
Citi Dividend 5% Cash Back Calendar – 2019

Full 2019 Calendar

  • Q1 – Gas Stations & Home Depot
  • Q2 – Drugstores & Fitness Clubs
  • Q3 – Airlines & Car Rentals
  • Q4 – Best Buy & Department Stores

You can sign up for the first quarter categories here, starting tomorrow.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

The total cash back you can earn with the card is $300 per calendar year. So you’ll get 5% on up to $6,000 spend for the whole year and it could even be all in one quarter if you prefer. That’s why it’s nice knowing the whole 2018 calendar ahead of time.

Categories this upcoming year are pretty good. Gas stations and drugstores are both great options if you’re looking to go the gift card route.

As a reminder, this year’s Q4 categories are Best Buy and Department Stores as well.


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