Chase Shutdowns Reported

Chase Shutdowns

Recently we have seen many “Just for you” offers for Chase customers. These are pre-approved offers (with fixed APR) that show up in your account online and usually bypass the Chase 5/24 rule. On top of that there’s have been some different ways of generating application links that bypassed 5/24. The latter seemed kind of a shady practice, and it might be the primary reason for the shutdowns that are being reports on reddit.

But there’s even some people that claim that they were shut down after applying through pre-approved links. That is really strange, but a possibility is the very high number of new cards in the last 24 months. A couple of people with about 30 and another with over 50 cards were among those being shut down. Too many credit cards too quickly, are a red flag for banks, due to bust-out fraud schemes.

This is still worrisome if true. Chase shutting down people for applying through links that are perfectly legitimate and were offered by Chase themselves. I applied myself for a new Chase Sapphire Preferred through a “Just for you” offer that I got last week. And I have no issues, so far.

Even if you have been shut down by Chase though, don;t give up right away. It is not always a final decision. Usually they are worried about your pastern of recent credit card applications and spending. If you can explain everything, then there’s a good chance that your accounts can be reinstated without further repercussions.

These are isolated reports for now, but I just wanted to bring the issue to your attention and maybe get some more data points from people that have recently applied for Chase cards through different links. Take a quick look at your accounts. Has anyone been shut down in the last few days?

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