Bypass Chase 5/24 Rule for Business Cards with Targeted Offers

chase business cards bypass 5/24

Bypass Chase 5/24 Rule for Business Cards with Targeted Offers


More people are seeing these offers. Check your Chase accounts to see if you are eligible, and apply right away if you see them. It’s not guaranteed you will see them again the next time you log in.

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Chase is one of the more stringent credit card issuers. Its 5/24 rule limits many people from getting too many credit card signup bonuses from Chase. The unwritten rule says that you will not be approved for a new card, if you have more than 5 new credit cards in the last 24 months. But there are some ways for bypassing that rule.

One of those options is the “Selected For You” offers that show up online in some accounts. These offers are for personal card. You can find them on the left hand menu under the Explore Products section or it might show under your current credit cards.

But now similar offers are showing up for Chase Business Cards as well. These offers show up with a black star saying ‘For Business Owners’ when checking for “Selected For You” offers, on personal accounts. The signup bonuses are the same as the public offers, but there’s already a few data points that these ‘black star’ offers for Chase business cards bypass 5/24.

These are some of the offers that have shown up in the past:

chase business cards bypass 5/24

Another way to know that these are pre-approved offers is if they show up with a fixed APR, instead of a range. That means that you are directly targeted.

Keep in mind that after applying for one card, the other offers will usually disappear. So make sure you go for the best option first. There are some reports that offer do remain, even after applying, and you could be able to get approved for a second new account.

Guru’s Wrap-up

It’s great to see that these offers for Chase Business Cards bypass 5/24. If you want to get your hands on Chase business cards, this could be a great option. So check your Chase accounts and hopefully you see them.

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