Trouble Meeting Minimum Spend Requirement? Ask Chase for Extension

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Trouble Meeting Minimum Spend Requirement? Ask Chase for Extension

With the coronavirus outbreak still a big problem in the country, signing up for a new credit card and meeting minimum spend requirements is not as easy as it used to be. You should be self isolation so we can get rid of this pandemic as soon as possible. That means that may favorite ways to increase spending are out of the question.

But if you have signed up for Chase credit card recently and are worried about completing spending for a bonus within the require time frame, Chase might be willing to help. Miles to Memories reports one data point for the Chase United Business Card. The card has a 100,000 point offer that requires $10,000 spend within 3 months. That is not easy with people locked inside and many businesses virtually shut down. But the cardholder reached out to Chase via secure message and asked for an extension, mentioning “everything that is going on” with the coronavirus outbreak. They were willing to extend his time frame an extra month. That definitely helps as you now need to spend $2,500 per month, instead of $3,333.

This is not guaranteed. But if you are having similar problems, then it is worth sending a message and ask for an extension. If you think you might be cutting it close, then an extra month is a big help. And having it in writing is always better.

Guru’s Wrap-up

A nice gesture from Chase and hopefully they do this for most customers and small businesses. Please let me know if you have success at requesting an extension, either for business cards or personal. You should be reaching out to other companies as well if you are having financial trouble due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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