Chase Ink Bold Business Card Becomes a Credit Card

I received a letter today from Chase informing me that there will be a few changes to my Ink Bold business card. Based on the letter, the changes are an attempt to provide greater flexibility and transparency, but it’s basically a notification that Ink Bold will become a credit card, instead of the charge card it is now, much like the Ink Plus.


The two changes are that now you have the flexibly of a credit card to pay only a portion of your balance and there is a set credit limit. The changes are going into effect on August 31, 2015 but most likely this won’t really affect many people.
What’s changing as of August 31, 2015
You can continue to pay your balance in full each month, but you’ll now have the option to pay new balances over time. Choosing to pay over time will result in interest charges. You will pay no interest charges on purchases if you continue to pay your balances in full every month by the fire date and time.
Instead of a flexible spending limit, your account will have a stated access line, which you will see on your monthly statement and

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