Chase Now Enforcing 3-Month Limit for Spend Requirement on Card Bonuses

Chase has different credit bonuses that require spending a certain amount of money in order to get the miles or points. Usually the spending has to be completed within 90 days from the date of approval. However, Chase has been lenient on this, giving 115 days instead. This has been confirmed over and over in the past by customer reps, either by chat or over phone.

chase 3 month spending limit

But some new data points from the last few days show that now Chase might be moving to a strict 3 months. So if you get approved today, on 6/18, you have until 9/18 to complete your spending.

It’s not clear if rules have changed internally, or customer reps are just repeating the terms shown in the signup offer. Either way, I doubt anyone is willing to test it out, and let a bonus slip away because they didn’t complete the spending within 3 months. So from now on, make sure to complete your Chase bonus spending within that time frame, unless you’re told otherwise.

You can read data points, here, here and here on reddit.


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