Cardless Cards Now Showing on Credit Reports, Close Account to Have Them Removed

Cardless Card Credit Report

Cardless Cards Now Showing on Credit Reports

Cardless, a new credit card issuer entered the market last year with several credit card offerings. They have credit cards for sports teams such as Cleveland Cavaliers, Manchester United, Boston Celtics, and Miami Marlins

We have seen some great cash bonuses from Cardless in the past and the cards also have decent earning rates. But at first Cardless also offered an additional benefit. Cards wouldn’t report to credit reports and wouldn’t count towards your 5/24 status. But that turned out to be false after all, and these cards are now showing up on credit reports. At least the Manchester United and the Boston Celtics cards are. If you have one of these cards, you should check your own credit reports and see if it’s there.

Close Account to Have Them Removed

But if you no longer need the card, and especially if you want it off your report, Cardless at least is being helpful. You can email them at and request from them to remove bureau reporting based on what they initially promised.

One redittor did just that, and sure enough Cardless responded and said that once the cardholder closed the card and they would go ahead and have Experian remove the account from his credit report. You will have to call them or have them call you to complete the process.

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