Capital One Honoring $500 Bonus Glitch for SavorOne Card

Back in May 22, 2019, Capital One made a mistake on the bonus offer for the SavorOne card. Instead of $150, they offered a bonus of $500. That was probably meant to be added on the Savor card only, which comes with an annual fee. It lasted for a couple of hours after I posted the news.

I suggested to take screenshots of the offer, since some of the terms still mentioned a $150 bonus. I thought you would have a case since they were advertising a $500 bonus, even if hidden in the terms it said $150. But it looks like you won’t need to fight Capital One for the money.

Capital One Honoring $500 Bonus

Doctor of Credit reports that they have sent out emails telling those who were approved they the $500 bonus will be honored. They confirm that it was indeed a system error. But it gets even better. Looks like you only need to spend $500 to get the $500 bonus, not $3,000 as it was stated in the offer.

Guru’s Wrap-up

A great move from Capital One for owning up to their mistake and paying the better bonus. Hopefully some of you were able to apply in time and got approved. Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Capital One Honoring $500 Bonus Glitch for SavorOne Card

  1. I called them the same day it happened complained and they told me to cancel it and re-apply for the Savor card deal giving $300 after spending $3000…I just laughed and was gonna accept the L and $150. when I got the email for the full $500 I had to read it 4 times. Much respect for honoring your mistake Capital One

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